Welcome to the New SouthernBizLaw!

I wish I could say that the recent complete rebuild of the Firm’s website arose from our desire to keep our marketing materials fresh and up-to-date. But it did not. In fact, it was thrust upon us by yet another change in the Google algorithms–this one mandating mobile friendliness.

And while I absolutely depend on mobile devices in every respect of my life, it is quite a sad thing to admit our old site was only passably usable on smaller screens. So we have a new site. This is it.

Yet even as I painstakingly rebuild thousands of links and rewrite pages to update the content and build site maps and make sure e-mail resides on the right server and all of the other tasks required, I realize once again that change is almost always for the better. Taking things apart and putting them back together in a new way enables one to better address the future. If done properly, a rebuild such as this one is an opportunity to anticipate where one wants to be and actively move toward it rather than be carried by habit and random current created by real movers.

So, though it took the cattle-prod-like pursuasion of Google’s demoting our page rank to move me to it, I am glad of this task. I hope you are as well and that you enjoy our efforts to improve this site’s usability and to return as an even more valuable resource of legal information.


Susan P. Billeaud


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