Trouble Finding the Right Partner? Math Can Help

Choosing a business partner is similar to selecting the right spouse. As in marriage, successful business teams generally know they should seek good interpersonal fit and shared cultural values in their team. But business requires (and allows) a few additional things as well.

Unlike most marriages, for example, business situations often require partners each to possess specific skills or abilities needed for their respective jobs. Also many partnerships are “polygamous” in that your team may include more than just one other person. Finally, the decision of which new business partner candidate to choose often must happen rather quickly.

So while having a lot of partner choices may seem like a good problem to have, in reality, the task of choosing the best candidate from too many new partner choices can often paralyze rather than facilitate the process of team building. But fret not! Mathematicians have developed a simple formula author Alex Bellos, in his book “The Grapes of Math,” claims will help you quickly and efficiently identify the best fit from any group of other humans–be they potential wives, secretaries, or business partners.

While the formula is geared toward choosing a single individual from a group, there’s nothing to say it cannot be applied repeatedly. The determination of who is best should include application of tools designed to help the team determine whether the candidates hold shared values and have compatible behaviors.

To read more about Alex’s book and how to apply the formula to your particular partner search, click through this link to the article at, “How To Marry The Right Girl: A Mathematical Solution.”

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