Making Better Decisions in Business and Life

Maybe it’s the emphasis on quantitative analysis that has become so prevalent in business over the past few decades, through which almost every aspect of every decision can be reduced to numerical data. But more and more, people mistakenly discount the influence of human emotion on business decisions.

We think business people are cold and calculating when it comes to deciding when to spend and when to save, who to hire or with whom to partner, or when, where, and what to buy or sell. But that has never been my experience of them. Like the rest of us, even the decisions of the very best business people are massively impacted by their emotional state.

Better business people have just learned how to see through the filter of their feelings and adjust their perspective to compensate for the distortion of their immediate biochemical reactions. Perhaps we can learn to do so too.

This recent article from Huffington Post includes tips on how to do just that using science: “6 Science-Backed Ways To Make Better Decisions.”

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