Why Going Out of Business is a Terrible Idea.

Far too many small business owners confuse their enterprise with themselves, thinking, “I AM the business.” While that belief may motivate the owners to get through the long days while building a business, it may also prevent them from recognizing the value of said business independent of their own, continuous work.  So, when owners consider ending their careers, their business is often be terminated … Read more

Making Better Decisions in Business and Life

Maybe it’s the emphasis on quantitative analysis that has become so prevalent in business over the past few decades, through which almost every aspect of every decision can be reduced to numerical data. But more and more, people mistakenly discount the influence of human emotion on business decisions. We think business people are cold and … Read more

4 Reasons the Business Law Firm You Hire Should be as Entrepreneurial as You Are

In a recent article in the ABA Journal, law firm consultant Bruce MacEwen opines that attorneys in major law firms can never be entrepreneurial. “Lawyers’ desire for current income is ‘totally incompatible with being an entrepreneur,’ Mac Ewen says. ‘If really you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you have to say, to heck with today, … Read more

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