Why Going Out of Business is a Terrible Idea.

Far too many small business owners confuse their enterprise with themselves, thinking, “I AM the business.” While that belief may motivate the owners to get through the long days while building a business, it may also prevent them from recognizing the value of said business independent of their own, continuous work.  So, when owners consider ending their careers, their business is often be terminated … Read more

Crowdfunding: The Next Evolution of Small Business Finance–Part III

Invest Georgia Exemption  Though the pool of potential investors who might take advantage of the Invest Georgia Exemption is limited to those domiciled within state borders, the Exemption, currently in place in Georgia, is far more permissive than the JOBS Act as an equity crowdfunding mechanism. Georgia’s power to regulate intrastate securities transactions arises from … Read more

Crowdfunding: The Next Evolution of Small Business Finance–Part II

Crowdfunding 101 The concept of raising large amounts of money for popular causes through small dollar-value subscriptions is almost as old as the U.S. itself. Crowdfunding using Internet platforms currently is limited to two basic types: donation or reward-based. Through forums such as Kickstarter, modern individuals and businesses solicit funding for worthy projects from millions … Read more

Crowdfunding: The Next Evolution of Small Business Finance

Much has been written about the potential of new, equity crowdfunding in the United States to double the impressive amounts already raised by businesses this year using existing platforms for donation or reward-based crowdfunding. Strictures in U.S. federal laws, until now, prevented American small businesses from selling ownership or “equity” in their enterprises to unaccredited … Read more

S-Corp v. LLC. Why not both?

Have you ever been advised that you should “form an s-corp” for business tax purposes even though you really want to take advantage of the superior liability protection and ease of administration of a limited liability company (“L.L.C.”)?  This is a common apparent dilemma many of my clients present to me in our initial meeting.  … Read more

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