Does your website even belong to you? Tips for managing your cyber business.

So, you aren’t that web-media savvy–but you know a guy who knows a guy.  Or maybe, a vendor built your website for you at no cost because you are such a great customer.  You even may have invested in building a custom site made for your company.  Regardless of how you create your Internet presence … Read more

Doing Business Across State Lines (What you need to know!)

Let’s say you are doing business in South Carolina and things are going so well, you decide to do one of the following: expand to Georgia; buy a Georgia business; move your business to Georgia. STOP. Those are all terrific ideas, but before you do any of those acts with regard to Georgia or any other state … Read more

Buying a Business: What are you really buying?

Today’s entry in the SouthernBizLaw Blawg is a video I produced for a new site called, hosts free information for people transitioning from lifelong careers who are looking to do something different. So, without further delay, I give you my video on getting the most out of your purchase of a business by first … Read more

What’s the big deal about being a certified woman-owned, minority-owned or disadvantaged business?

In short, the big deal is better opportunity.  Diversity business certifications, such as MBE and WBE, are valuable because they permit certified businesses to bid on exclusive contracts to provide goods or services to large or publicly-traded corporations and federal, state, and local governments.  Depending on the bid requirements, these contracts are otherwise unavailable for … Read more

5 Agreements Every Successful Business Needs

Recently, I read an article at called, “3 Agreement Types Every Entrepreneur Needs.” The article was written by an attorney now working for LegalZoom. As we might expect, it focused on the form agreements one would need when starting a business with the author stating entrepreneurs require three basic forms: owner agreements, worker agreements, … Read more

4 Reasons the Business Law Firm You Hire Should be as Entrepreneurial as You Are

In a recent article in the ABA Journal, law firm consultant Bruce MacEwen opines that attorneys in major law firms can never be entrepreneurial. “Lawyers’ desire for current income is ‘totally incompatible with being an entrepreneur,’ Mac Ewen says. ‘If really you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you have to say, to heck with today, … Read more

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