Does your website even belong to you? Tips for managing your cyber business.

So, you aren’t that web-media savvy–but you know a guy who knows a guy.  Or maybe, a vendor built your website for you at no cost because you are such a great customer.  You even may have invested in building a custom site made for your company.  Regardless of how you create your Internet presence … Read more

Why Going Out of Business is a Terrible Idea.

Far too many small business owners confuse their enterprise with themselves, thinking, “I AM the business.” While that belief may motivate the owners to get through the long days while building a business, it may also prevent them from recognizing the value of said business independent of their own, continuous work.  So, when owners consider ending their careers, their business is often be terminated … Read more

Buying a Business: What are you really buying?

Today’s entry in the SouthernBizLaw Blawg is a video I produced for a new site called, hosts free information for people transitioning from lifelong careers who are looking to do something different. So, without further delay, I give you my video on getting the most out of your purchase of a business by first … Read more

Are you cut out for entrepreneurship or should you just “buy yourself a job”?

Having now worked with many hundreds of people founding new small businesses and start-ups and met hundreds more founders of start-ups, I have gained a few distinctions in my understanding of the difference in the two populations. If you Google “entrepreneur or buy a job,” however, most of what you will find are discussions about … Read more

The 6 Different Things You Can Do When You “Retire” (A Comprehensive List)

There are a lot of Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964), and about 50 years ago, most of them started their first grown-up jobs.  Now, the oldest of the Boomers have begun to retire with only about 33% of them still working at all and only 16% still working full-time.1 And those 76 million baby … Read more

NDAs: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Recently, a client came to me seeking to start a new small business.  She was transitioning from a job she had held in an industry she knew well, and her new business would fill a need in that industry that would continue to become more imperative over the next few years.  By nature, this client … Read more

What to Know Before Doing the Deal

Shared from Private equity financing is booming again after years of sitting on the sidelines. So, what are some things you should know before doing the deal? Pick your investor based on your long-term goals It is important to understand what your exit strategy is before you decide to let in private investment.  Are … Read more

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